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April 6, 2007

Will "Rome" Have a Third Season??

I don't tend to be a big TV watcher, but "Six Feet Under" captured me, and now it's "Rome." Those HBO guys....

They have just aired the end of Season 2 of "Rome." When the season began, I read somewhere that it was the end. But I wonder ....

Of course, some of the main characters met their ends at the end of 2. Here, Lucius Vorenus talks with Cleopatra after she discovers the dead Mark Antony and just before she gets up close and personal with the asp.


I visited the Rome website and lo and behold, learned that fans are writing scripts for the 3rd season. Pretty cool! Let's see if HBO pays attention. A bunch of the bloggers on the HBO site say they'll cancel their HBO subscriptions if there's no Season 3! In the meantime, they're happy to write the scripts (and probably do the sets and costumes, too).

I will probably write more about "Rome," but wanted to get this much on record.

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