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Diversity at the Humphrey


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The latest University of Minnesota GLBTA EZine, including...

. Apply Now for $20,000 in Schochet Academic Awards

. Info on 10 Upcoming GLBTA Campus & Community Events (Nov 29 thru Dec 10) :
Tretter Collection / World AIDS Day / Schochet Endowment /
Tongues Untied / Rare Productions / Transgender Commission /
MN AIDS Project / PrideAlive / Fatha Jazz Bordeaux /
Pride @ Work / Rainbow Health Initiative

. National GLBTA News & Articles :
1st Lesbian Latina Federal Judge /
50 Transgender Icons /
Visibility for Bi & Pansexual Politicians /
Stay Connected !!!

GLBTA eZine Dec 2012-1.pdf

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  • At the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, our mission is to inspire, educate, and support innovative leaders to advance the common good in a diverse world. The purpose of the Humphrey Diversity blog is to open communication between and among our students, alumni, faculty, staff and the larger community interested in diversity and public policy. If you have information to share with the community on a related topic, please send content to hhhdiversity@umn.edu.  More information about diversity initiatives at the Humphrey School is available on the Humphrey School website.

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