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"Masculinities" at WPP Happy Hour

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male symbol.pngFriday, November 30
4-6 p.m.
Humphrey School Commons

Some commentators have proclaimed "The End of Men;" join us for a discussion on how definitions of masculinity in our society are evolving and how these definitions contribute to well-being across the gender spectrum. If you don't have enough to read and want some food for thought, check out this Stephanie Coontz piece

From Coontz:
"ONE thing standing in the way of further progress for many men is the same obstacle that held women back for so long: overinvestment in their gender identity instead of their individual personhood. Men are now experiencing a set of limits -- externally enforced as well as self-imposed -- strikingly similar to the ones Betty Friedan set out to combat in 1963, when she identified a "feminine mystique" that constrained women's self-image and options."

What do you think? We'll spend a little time mixing, watch a few conversation provoking video clips and then have a discussion.

And make sure to get our other events and Happy Hours on your calendar: Feminist Art! Negotiation with the former MN House Speaker; Communication with the UofM Debate Coach and more.

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