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Gender and Negotiation with Margaret Anderson Kelliher

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Thumbnail image for Margaret.jpgYou won't want to miss this
WPP Best Practices in Professional Development Happy Hour on Gender and Negotiation

Friday, February 1
4 - 6 p.m.
Commons (205 Humphrey Center)

Do you have questions on how to negotiate salary? Do you ever wonder how you can ask for a change in work responsibilities? Do men and women ask for the same things from their employers? A 2012 survey from LinkedIn reveals that not only are professionals uncomfortable with negotiating for higher salaries, plum assignments, or promotions, "roughly one in four of us are so anxious with the process that we've decided to skip it altogether. But what's worse news is that the group that is the most averse to the often-awkward but oh-so-important dance of negotiating in the workplace are American women." (Forbes)

We'll spend some time eating and mixing, then at 4:15 p.m. former Speaker of the Minnesota House Margaret Anderson Kelliher will share some insights on the gendered aspects of negotiation and facilitate opportunities to practice.

All welcome -- students, staff, alumni!

And make sure you get other upcoming Happy Hours on your calendar. Feminist Art! February 15. Gender and Communication with UofM Debate Coach March 8.

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  • I just came across your website and was going through it. The Forbes link was indeed interesting. From my personal experience, salary negotiation seems to be less of a gender issue. It is more of a skill set. As I gained more experience in my career, it became sometimes like a walk in the park. I hope you keep on sharing such valuable information in future!

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