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Announcing the Wellness Room

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wellness.jpgWe are happy to announce the availability of a new space at the Humphrey School, the Wellness Room. The Wellness Room (Room 188) has been set aside as a quiet, private space for uses where no other current space is appropriate; for example, meditation, yoga, spiritual practices; special lighting needs (no light, low light, full spectrum light); rest from slight non-contagious illness; breast pumping or feeding.

You can schedule time in the Wellness Room (188) during regular office hours just like you would an internal conference room by using Google Calendar or sending a note to the front desk. After making your reservation, you can pick up the key from the front desk (during office hours) and return it to the front desk (in person or in the box) after your time in the room. We are working on a longer term solution that will provide access after office hours and will let you know as that evolves.

A sign outside the door will be used to signal that the room is in use or available and you can set the door to lock while you are inside (follow instructions on door). Until we understand better the demand for the room, please limit your time to one hour. Also, please plan to obtain and return the key within the hour time frame and reset the room to leave it in the same or better condition than it was found.

We currently have two comfortable chairs and side tables, a full spectrum lamp, and a couple small movable work tables and four office chairs. We hope to add cushions, rugs, wall hangings and other items over time and welcome your additions for community use. Keep us in mind if you're moving, for example! A closet is also available to store (at your own risk) items you would like to personally use in the room on regular occasion -- such as a yoga mat, sleeping mat, prayer rug, pillow, blanket etc. As a room available to all, each user is responsible for leaving it in the same or better condition as it was found.

We hope this room helps make the Humphrey School a more welcoming place in a variety of ways. It is a new endeavor for us, so please feel free to provide input about how to make it more useful and inviting. We expect this to be a continuous improvement project! Send your comments or suggestions to Debra Fitzpatrick (dfitzpatrick@umn.edu).

Special thanks to Sherry Gray, Sherri Holmen and Katherine Murphy who have been working in various ways for years to make this happen!

Enjoy and be well!

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  • Inspiring people to live a healthy life is a phenomenal work. I completely appreciate your views on making people in a better condition physically and mentally. By giving a small interval of time in a regular basis to one self will be beneficial for all.

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