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Diversity at the Humphrey

Diversity Paper Award

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Thumbnail image for Rainbow_ribbon.jpgEach year the Humphrey School Diversity Committee co-chairs will present an award to challenge Humphrey School graduate students to excel in working on diversity-related public policy issues. The winning paper and a select number of finalists will be published on the Humphrey School website, as examples of the best student work on diversity broadly defined.

Nominations for this award are due May 7, 2013.

The award will be given to a graduating student who has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in a professional or capstone paper on a topic related to public policy issues affecting diverse populations in the United States or globally. The paper should address diversity with respect to populations that have been marginalized because of their ethnicity/race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or another characteristic. Poverty status alone is not considered "diversity" for the purposes of this award.

Students who completed their paper after April 2012 and did not submit it for an award in previous years are eligible.

The paper is rated on the following criteria:

o Addresses an important policy issue related to diversity
o Demonstrates high-quality writing
o Demonstrates high-quality research and analysis of the issue and appropriate application of methods
o Demonstrates creativity and originality of thought
o Contributes to public policy

If none of the submissions is deemed to fit the criteria well enough, the committee may decline to issue the award.

Selections + Prize
Nominations are made by faculty members who advise individual papers or projects. Papers will be judged by a committee of two faculty, one student and one staff member appointed by the Diversity Committee. The award is given, along with a $500 monetary prize, at commencement.

Please electronically submit the paper to your paper or capstone supervisor. The supervising faculty member will then electronically submit the paper and letter of nomination to the Graduate Student Services Office (hhhss@umn.edu)

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