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Solving our Employment Crisis: Putting People Back to Work

Minneapolis, MN (04/17/09) - The Humphrey Institute will host a panel discussion about the how the economic crisis is affecting workers at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, at the Humphrey Center.

The thousands of eliminated jobs last quarter were the latest casualties of America's economic crisis. Now the state and nation must decide how to help workers, especially those who working in low-skill occupations. How can current workforce development, education, and economic development programs be deployed flexibly? What would smart economic development for the longer-term look like in Minnesota?

An expert panel will explore the national and regional impacts of the current financial crisis on different industries and occupations, as well as workers of different ages, genders, races, immigrant status, and educational attainment.
Panelists will include:

Steve Hine, labor market information director, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Matt Kane, policy fellow for infrastructure and economic development, Growth and Justice

Sean Kershaw, executive director, Citizens League of Minnesota

Ann Markusen, professor of regional economics, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

Representative Jeanne Poppe, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives Higher Education and Workforce Development Finance and Policy Devision

The event is free and open to the public, but reservations are required to hhhrsvp@umn.edu. This is one of a series of programs designed to bring together experts to talk about the current state of the economy.

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