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Forum on Antibiotics and Agriculture

November 22 + 23 | St. Paul

The Center for Integrative Leadership will host a forum on antibiotics and agriculture Monday and Tuesday, November 22 and 23, at the Freeman Building, 625 Robert Street North in St. Paul. Registration is $100 and includes lunch both days of the conference.

Antibiotics were heralded as "miracle drugs" by physicians and veterinarians alike when they became available more than 60 years ago. Antibiotics have significantly reduced deaths by infectious bacterial diseases in people and animals; human deaths by infectious bacterial diseases today are less than 1/20 of what they were in 1900 according to the Federal Drug Administration. Meanwhile, bacteria have evolved to develop resistance to many antibiotics. Defining appropriate uses of antibiotics and addressing antibiotic resistance are issues for both science and society.

Tough issues such as this require broad perspectives, inquisitive minds, and a commitment to collaboration. This is the first of a series of "Finding Common Ground" forums designed to foster conversation among participants with diverse perspectives to discover and advance a common good. For more information and to register, visit www.leadership.umn.edu/news/Antibiotics_and_Agriculture.html.

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