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Humphrey's legacy of person-to-person diplomacy continues

To honor the centennial of Hubert H. Humphrey's birth, the Humphrey School is spending the academic year celebrating his life of public service. In addition to authoring significant domestic legislation, Humphrey's interests spanned the world. The first vice president to visit the African continent, Humphrey championed a person-to-person form of diplomacy based on a belief that individual relationships could bring about mutual understanding and, when writ large, positive relations among nations. One of several ways that Humphrey's global impact is remembered is with the U.S. Department of State's Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

The Institute is one of 18 sites in the United States to host the Humphrey Fellows program. Housed within the International Fellowship Programs (IFP), it is one of several professional development and education programs that bring mid-career leaders from other countries to the Institute each year. This year, IFP is hosting 20 fellows from 16 countries through four fellowship programs.

"The fellows are a wonderful resource," says IFP director Sudha Shetty. "As high-ranking mid-career professionals, they really help us look outward, so that our curriculum is not so America-centric. The case studies and examples I use in the course titled Leadership for the Common Good--to point to just one example--are much richer because of the fellows.

"Thanks to the commitment by the dean and the Institute, we are one of the model programs in the country," she continues. "We have wonderful relationships with Hennepin County and other local organizations and companies, as well as a 'buddies' program that pairs each international fellow with a current Humphrey student so that they can learn from one another on a social level as well as in an academic setting."

Below are the biographies of this year's Humphrey Fellows.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program provides a year of professional enrichment in the United States for experienced professionals from designated countries throughout the world. Fellows are selected based on their potential for leadership and their commitment to public service in either the public or private sector.

Ishfaq Ahmed
Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed has been with the Pakistani police service since 1999. He currently serves as commandant of the Punjab Police Department's Rawalpindi Police Training School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. There, he supervises training, administration, and the training curriculum development. During his fellowship year, Mr. Ahmed will focus on human rights mechanisms, due process and the rule of law, and judicial and criminal justice systems.

Sabha Al Dhafri
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Ms. Sabha Al Dhafri has worked for the Union National Bank in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi for 13 years. Promoted to bank manager in 2006, she is the first UAE national female branch manager in the Union National Bank. Her focus is on the recruitment, motivation, development, evaluation, and retention of employees. During her fellowship year, Ms. Al Dhafri will focus on human resources management and team leadership.

Faiza Al-Qubati
Ms. Faiza Al-Qubati has a rich background in accounting and financial management. She currently serves as Accounting Coordinator for the Yemen Liquid Natural Gas Company, one of the country's largest companies working to develop Yemen's gas resources. There, she coordinates various types of audits, such as cost recovery, shareholders', and external audits. During her fellowship year, Ms. Al-Qubati will focus on U.S. auditing practices, economic development, finance, and banking.

Sultan Al Shereiqi
Mr. Sultan Al Shereiqi began his career with Oman's Ministry of Manpower in 1999, working his way from data entry to his current position as director of labor inspection. His responsibilities include preparing action plans for comprehensive labor inspections; advising business owners, workers, and stakeholders on labor law; conducting follow-up investigations; and organizing labor inspection research. Mr. Al Shereiqi will concentrate on labor rights, human trafficking, and public-private partnerships.

Idirisu Chin
Over the past 17 years, Mr. Idirisu Chin has held many leadership positions within Islamic education in Cameroon, first as vice principal then principal of an Islamic high school, and now as chief of pedagogy and administration for the Organization of Islamic Educational Establishments in Kumbo, North West Region. During his fellowship year, Mr. Chin will focus on human resources management, performance evaluation and career development, leadership, conflict management, nonprofit management, organizational culture, and public-sector ethics.

Mohamed El-Qasemy
Mr. Mohamed El-Qasemy's background is in economics, public administration, and public finance. He has worked in Morocco's Ministry of Economy and Finance for the last 10 years, currently serving as state controller in its Department of Public Enterprises and Privatization, responsible for oversight of contracts and performance of public establishments and state-owned companies. Mr. El-Qasemy will focus on public finance systems, the budget processes, public policy analysis, and program evaluation.

Jin Hyuk Her
South Korea
Mr. Jin Hyuk Her is an officer in the Korea National Police Force, currently serving as police patrol car dispatcher with the Gyeong Ju Police Station, where he counsels callers on legal matters and conflict resolution, and dispatches patrol cars when necessary. During his fellowship year, Mr. Her will be focusing on law enforcement, human rights, and social policies.

Min Htin
Burma (Myanmar)
Mr. Min Htin currently serves as executive committee member and board member for the YMCA in Mandalay, an organization that plays a vital role in developing a civil society through practical training and education for local youth. His main interest is in human resources management and of youth development as it relates to the future of his country. During his fellowship year, Mr. Htin will focus on human resources management, particularly human resource planning, performance management, and youth training.

Agnes Igoye
Ms. Agnes Igoye has served 14 years in the Government of Uganda's Ministry of Internal Affairs, currently as senior immigration officer/training coordinator for the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control in Kampala, Uganda. She is responsible for planning, designing, and conducting training activities on such topics as irregular migration and counter trafficking, passport/document fraud, organized crime, and effective border management. During her fellowship year, Ms. Igoye will focus on human trafficking prevention, victim and witness protection programs, and victim rehabilitation programs.

Min (Zoe) Shen
Ms. Min Shen currently serves as director of international business development at Horizon Research Consultancy Group, the largest local independent research company in China. Ms. Shen's extensive research experience in public opinion and social studies enables her to serve as a bridge between the public and local government in China, as well as between the Chinese and others from around the world. During her fellowship year, Ms. Shen will focus on public policy analysis, foundation and nonprofit operation, management and governance of nonprofits, and organizational effectiveness.

Kirti Thapa
Ms. Kirti Thapa has more than 10 years of experience in gender equality and protection of children and women from violence, abuse, and exploitation, including trafficking. She currently serves as senior program coordinator-child rights governance with Save the Children in Kathmandu, where she is responsible for providing strategic direction and technical assistance to her organization and its partners to improve their capacity to develop and implement child rights programs. During her fellowship year, Ms. Thapa will focus on human trafficking (prevention, protection, policy advocacy, victim support) and human rights.

Abdoul Aziz Traore
Mr. Abdoul Aziz Traore is director of human resources at Energie du Mali, the only electricity provider in Mali, where has worked since 1996. He also is a member of the international nonprofit LEAD, a worldwide network of organizations and individuals committed to sustainable development. During his fellowship year, Mr. Traore will focus on public policy, program evaluation, and leadership.

Nadezhda (Nadia) Trubova
Ms. Nadezhda Trubova has worked in Kazakhstan's NGO sector for more than 10 years, particularly in support of orphans and underprivileged young people, helping them find their place in life and arming them with educational and professional tools to be active members of the society. She currently is training coordinator at the public foundation HELP in Kostanai, where she is responsible for preparing and conducting trainings for HELP projects. During her fellowship year, Ms. Trubova will focus on community needs assessment, project management, qualitative methods in social research, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and financial and organizational management of NGOs.

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