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CNN, FOX, and CNBC push for Romney

Eric Ostermeier provides key statistics on Romney's airtime.

There's something about Mitt Romney the networks can't get enough of. Over the last five Republican presidential debates, Romney has scored far more speaking time than his rivals, according to statistics compiled by Smart Politics. He's logged 73 minutes and 22 seconds while answering questions and responding to candidate attacks, while Rick Perry has had only 53 minutes, 51 seconds. The disparity is even greater with Michele Bachmann (40 minutes, 57 seconds), Herman Cain (38 minutes, 43 seconds), Newt Gingrich (38 minutes, 23 seconds), Ron Paul (37 minutes, 1 second) and Rick Santorum (35 minutes, 5 seconds).

Government in the Lab
November 11, 2011

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