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Larry Baker to co-PI Research Collaboration Network project

Larry Baker will be a co-PI on a new $750,000 NSF Research Collaboration Network grant on Sustainable Cities - People, Infrastructures and the Energy-Climate-Water Nexus. This grant seeks to develop harmonized methods, open datasets and shared curriculum on the topic of sustainable cities across 20 U.S. universities.

The project is being led by Anu Ramaswami from the University of Colorado-Denver. Other co-PIs are Larry Bank (City College New York), Marian Chertow (Yale), and Paty Romero-Lankao (National Center for Atmospheric Research). A unique aspect of this RCN is broad-based integration of urban ecology, industrial ecology, atmospheric sciences, infrastructure engineering, architecture, urban planning, behavioral sciences, public affairs and public health toward the goal of sustainable cities.

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