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Maria Dahmus completed her postdoctoral research with TCHEP in August 2012 and accepted a position at University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is working on integrating sustainability across the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum through various academic sustainability initiatives. She also teaches in Environmental Studies.

Yard Care Study highlights what homeowners are doing and why

Yard Care Study highlights what homeowners are doing and why: giving back to those who helped with the research

Recently,"Yard Care Choices in Urban Living" survey respondents received a preliminary summary of survey results. It explains some general observations and conclusions that were made from analysis of the survey responses. As an important part of the research process, respondents may find it interesting to see the yard care choices and motivations of others in their communities, and identify new ideas and perspectives.

Yard Care Choices - Free ready-to-use guide!

Yard Care Choices guide ready for use

The Yard Care Choices Guide is a decision-making tool that homeowners can use to get the yard and lawn they want while promoting the water quality of Minnesota's lakes, rivers, and streams. It integrates biophysical information (lawn biology, watersheds, and soil ecosystems) and recommended conservation practices with yard preferences,practices, and plans. Use the guide to link your desired yard qualities and functions, yard care activities, and yard's ecosystem. In addition to private homeowners, watershed districts and other non-profit organizations can print and distribute the guide for educational purposes.

See the Yard Care Choices page to get a copy of the print or web version of the guide.

Peterson to present at 2012 Minnesota Water Resources Conference

Heidi Peterson will be making an oral presentation "Whole-Watershed
Phosphorus Balance as Practical Tool to Achieve TMDL Goals" at the
2012 Minnesota Water Resources Conference, October 16-17, 2012 at St.
Paul's RiverCentre.

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