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Gel Pen

"Find a thing, document its framework and clockwork, and define its phionomenon"...Not sure exactly how to approach this one, so I'll talk about something very simple. My Gel Pen. The framework and clockwork of a gel pen is simple. It is a physical object, who's design is easy to grasp: long, narrow, plastic, holds ink, ect... And the clockwork of a gel pen is not rocket science, either. You hold the pen vertically, ink flows down from the reservoir, and out the tip. Here is where an interesting phenomena takes place... The pen marks the page that you are writing on with ink, and you use these markings to make symbols that are used to communicate through language. Something as simple as a pen, or other similar writing instrument, has been used to communicate and document history-changing occurances. Many things that are communicated by mouth are simultaneously communicated useing a pen. Consequently, language, communication, and the pen have created our society. The pen is everywhere that there has been an important decision or agreement. But it is also every place that we encounter in everyday life. At school, the office, or any stores, there is always a pen. It goes unnoticed, but has a strange phenomenon. It is essential to our existance.