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My Special Place

Many special thoughts begin with a place. As the Genius Local artical portrays, it is often helpful for a thought to begin on something concrete. This inspires emotions, feelings, and memories that are greater than the concrete object or place that created them. A place is more than what you see when you visit. It is all of the senses that are instilled in your memory, long after you leave the place.

In my cause, I sadly had to leave the place that inspired most of my greatest memories from my childhood, through my adolescence. It was paradise. It was a place that was sad and happy at the same time. The place was full of adventure at times, and it was calming when it needed to be.

This place was the lakeshore of my precious home. We lived in a very small town, just outside the metro area. There, we had a dock and boats, all of which were surrounded by a sanctuary of cattails and lillys. As a kid, I got hurt there many times, in my boyish adventures. My friends called me nature boy. I knew every snake and turtle in the area, and how long it took to climb every tree in the adjacent forrest. The place was amazing, and it was all mine. This was the place where I first found love. In highschool, I asked my girlfriend of four years to be with me. Ever since, we have been happy, and I believe that haveing a relationship built around such a special place must have helped our moods. We spent many a romantic evenings watching the sunsets on a bench over the water. It was beaustiful. I still remember the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with lilacs, as the wind blew my girlfriends curly hair. It was perfect.

Then it all ended. It was good while it lasted. My parents were divorced, and we lost the house. I haven't been back. In this case, it probably wouldn't give me the same experiences as it did when it was my private sanctuary. Now I feel bitter and sad that I lost it. But you can never take away amazing memories. Memories of kids playing and catching big fish with our bare hands (literally!), and memories of love. I wouldn't take it back for the world. This special place made me who I am today.