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I suppose that there are many oppositions and conflicts around me. however, I will have to just pick the first one that comes to mind. This is the conflict between buildings and people. Yes, I think that we are in a constant struggle for power with buildings. After all, the reason that we fork over the serious comissions for buildings is to make a statement. What better way to make a statement than with an overwhelming and intimidating building. It is true that many buildings do control and intimidate building. That is their purpose. Corporate headquarters, admissions buildings, massive highschools, etc... are all delivering a message of control to their occupants. Another example of this power struggle is Roman Architecture. Massive columns and steps that are made to the scale of gods are all meant to belittle the occupants. If you are on the same side as the administrators of a building, you are impressed by its grand scale and decoration; if you are on the opposing side, you are intimidated and controled into submission simply by entering the building. Yes, this struggle is brutle. Another example of this control is with Northrupt Auditorium and the other buildings of the mall. They all have massive ionic columns which radiate the power and superiority of knowledge. This is all unconscious, but buildings do greatly influence and sometimes cause conflict with the occupant's attitudes. Solutions? Make more visitor-friendly buildings. Don't be over-the-top, with imposing structures like the massive curtain walls of a skyscraper or the huge facades with pediments and grand columns of the great empire. There is no need for this rough feel. I think that more modern buildings could improve upon this idea. Buildings can still be impressive if they are more humanly, inviting, and soft. But then where would the fun be of intimidating those who enter your building out of reluctance?