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Nature's Role with Technopolies


As depicted with this image, technology seems to collide with nature. I began to ponder what this meant, and whether it is a problem or not. After some deap thought, I realived that technology is an offspring of nature. Human beings were invented (created, hatched, whatever you choose to believe). Consequently, we continually invent technologies. So the two are not in conflict, but rather, are the same thing.

After reading the exerpt of Technopoly, by Neil Postman, I realized that technology can never be understood, or explained concretely. It is always changing. As humans invent new technologies, technology defines culture. It is baffling how closely the two are related. We depend on technolgy, but technology also depends on us.

Our culture is defined by the present technologies. These technologies are never the same in any two locations, or in any separate periods of time. Technology is fluid, and never stays stagnant. As soon as we understand a certain technology, our whole perception of what that technology means is changed by a new modification. An example of this is with computers and software. No person will ever have the state-of-the-art computer, because the computer is continually and rapidly improving. There is no winning the battle with technology. You could almost say that technolgy is volitile, as it instantly changes, and in turn, dramatically influences culture.

The mindset of Technocrat is understanding the roles of these new technologies. Importance is being shifted from discovering these new technologies to understanding what they mean. This changing idea of technology and its infuence on culture is everywhere a tecnnpoly (We live in a technopoly). I am reminded of Daniel Pink's book, A Whole New Mind. In his books, he describes how a world of numbers is being changed into a workd of new concepts. I believe that there is a corellary here with technopolies. It is not the numbers and computers that are critical, but rather, how they fit into culture and into nature.

Like monopoly, technology continually takes over our understanding of how things work, and our harmony with nature. Human knowledge is infinitely expanding. Our understanding of technology, culture, and nature, are constantly changing. Change is not necessarilly a bad thing. Technopolies are a part of nature, and not a separate category. New ideas are welcome, and further understanding this relationship will lead to exciting things in the future. Although, if balance is not achieved, we may be taken over by a new bread of ear-mouse creatures like in the above photo. Thanks to our pushing the limits of technology, we may exterminate our species. Hopefully no time soon.