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Kenya continues to spiral out of control

Melitus Mugabe Were, a prominent Kenyan Parliament member who had been attempting to organize a peace march, was shot to death on Tuesday by unknown assailants reports the BBC.

The situation intensified Wednesday when police shot tear gas canisters into the parliament member's compound where supporters had congregated to mourn his death. The police allegedly fired the irritant to subdue a group of about 50 young people who had assembled road blocks of burning tires and stone barricades, but television footage shows the police firing the gas directly into the crowd of mourners at the compound the BBC reported later.

Since Were had been working against the politics of President Mwai Kibaki, the anger of his mourners was directed at the president and his police.

Whether or not the member of parliament's death was motivated by political factors is unknown, but
the BBC reported that "Someone had to be responsible. The possibility that the killing was a non-political crime could not be broached."

Were was "a moderate opposition politician, a self-made businessman who grew up in a slum, and he bridged the ethnic divide... as Kenya slid into chaos... he shuttled between different communities and tried to organize a peace march..." reports the New York Times.