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Kenya talks stall

Opposition leader Raila Odinga walked out of talks on Thursday meant to reach a power-sharing agreement with new president Mwai Kibaki, the BBC reported Monday.

Kofi Annan stepped in to mediate talks between the new government and the opposition party but Odinga and his Orange Democratic Movement Party are threatening to instigate mass protests if a deal is not reached.

"On many of the issues that are outstanding, we are unable to agree," a spokesman for the ODM told the BBC. Odinga and the ODM insist that the presidency was stolen from him in December elections by rival Kibaki.

The proposed agreement introduces a new position of prime minister for Odinga but the specifics are not know.

Since the political upheaval began, the BBC reports that "police have increased their estimate of the death toll... and now say at least 1,500 have died. Another 300,000 others were displaced in the violence following the 27 December poll."