August 9, 2006

one month to go...

WIth only one month to go until I head off to the "big city," i have begun to rethink exactly where this all started. For as long as I have been seriously contemplating college I have wanted to attend the University of Minnesota. Not because of any acclaim to the University itself but because that's where my best friend went. She was a few years older than myself and made the leap to college two years before me. The two of us grew up like sisters and as it had played out when we were younger, I wanted to do what she did. With UMN on my mind and it being where I saw myself in the future, one could only hope that it would turn out to be a good fit for me. So, as I ended my junior year of high school and college became more of a realistic thought I knew I had to look harder. And that's what I did. After looking deeper at my choices I am thankful now that the college I had my heart set on has the potential to be the perfect fit for me. Not only is my best friend there but I have also found a small niche for myself at the Carlson School of Management. As things are set in motion over the next month I look forward to starting anew at a place where I hope will become home.