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Week 12

So two weeks ago I had trouble with the buses so last week I went to St. Anne's Place from 11:30am to 5:30 pm. I didn't really do anything in the beginning of my "shift" until about an hour in. A family had moved out of one of the rooms, so this other volunteer and I had to go up and clean out the room. The general procedure for cleaning out a room is to bleach and wipe off the plastic coverings on the beds, Windex the windows, clean the desk, mirror, lamp, and vacuum the floor. We then had to get sheets and blankets from the linen closest and then the right amount of pillows for the people who were arriving after the weekend. The room was pretty tiny (probably about the size of one and a half dorm rooms). There were two twin beds and two queen beds which means it could fit 6 (or 7) people. The other volunteer I was working with said that it was the biggest room that they had there and that the others were about the size of a dorm room. I would probably go crazy living in a room that small with so many people!

After that, one of the staff members had us clean out the organization's car. When we went inside we determined that it probably hadn't been cleaned out since a year last fall. There were leaves and cups and baseball gloves and hair pieces and lots of garabage. The cook hooked up the ShopVac for us outside so we could vacuum out the van and we also cleaned the windows (inside and out) and wiped down the dash and seats. By the time we were down it looked brand new!

That day at St. Anne's I learned that a drug dealer lives across the street and two houses down...

After that, the day was pretty much over. The cook had made dinner so I ate around 5 pm and then copied some puzzles for all the little kids. Dinner was amazing. I had southern chicken wraps, homemade cream of tomato basil soup, scalloped potatoes, salad, and swiss miss chocolate pudding for dessert. Most amazing cook ever.

Then I took the 45-minute bus ride home! WooHoo