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Week 14

So this past week at St. Anne's was pretty pretty slow. There wasn't anything really going on so at the beginning of my shift they basically just had me do some really odd jobs arounds the place. After awhile they had me create a message board so that when residents take down messages for other residents, they have a place to write them down and nothing gets lost through word of mouth. It was a pretty uneventful task. First I took down the old construction paper! Woo! Then I put up some new construction paper that was lots of pretty colors. After that I stapled little pieces of white paper to the 16 squares (representing the 16 different rooms) so that when the residents see they have messages, they can just rip off the piece of paper and take their message with them. After I finished that my 2 hours was pretty much up so they just left me leave. And that was the end of my day! I don't really have anything to say because we haven't really been doing anything in class so I'm not really sure how I'm going to fill up my word count requirement for the day. So I guess this is it guys....

Oh and ps. next week is our last week!!!


I think i'm just as enthusiatic about my volunteer service as you are. It was an experience, but that's pretty much all I have to say about it. I thought it was interesting to hear about everyone else's service experiences, because they were nothing like my own. I sometimes even thought to myself, man, I should've gone there! Anyways, It was nice meeting you. Hope you have a good summer!