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Wiki's are very interesting things. The only Wiki I have ever really heard of and actually visited is wikipedia.com. I think it is kind of a weird thing that wikipedia is an encyclopedia that everyone can edit, because anyone could just go in there and say whatever they wanted and even if there are editors, wouldn't it be up there for a while and there is bound to be some people that are going to see the post and believe it, even if it's not true.

Anyway, I went to all the links and some of them were interesting and some of them were a little confusing and you had to keep clicking links in order to get any real information. On the one link that was the eXtension wiki, I found a link about 4-H, so I clicked and then I found a link about 4-H and youtube, so I clicked and then it brought me to UTube and there were links to 4-H news and there was a whole bunch of videos of different kids at the Country Music Awards and they were interviewing people like Taylor Swift who was a former 4-Her and collaborated with other Country Music performers who were also former 4-Hers to create the Clover Country CD. I thought that was super cool because it was just little kids who were interviewing them and they answered the questions and were very interesting.

I also thought that the Thomas Jefferson wiki was sweet, because it had different information, but only people that studied at the Thomas Jefferson University and were studying about him were able to post information, but the public could post comments about the posts, which were interesting to read and they also had a place where you could ask questions and they would respond with what they knew about the subject.

I also checked out the Peace Corps link and that gave me an idea about how wiki's would be useful in everyday life or if you had a special interest. When I went in there it gave information about the peace corps and other things, but it also brought you right to the peace corps site. So, I was thinking that if you had a specialty business, like mine is a Scandinavian/Finnish Gift Shop, then you could find a wiki about that subject and then either write about your business, your items or whatever you wanted and then you could put a link to your business so people could find out more information. Then it would get other people interested in your products or the country or your store, then it could be like free advertising. And you could put your own input out to the web, and you would maybe reach more people than them looking for just you. It could really work for any other things too. And you wouldn't have to start your own blog and then have to tell everyone about it. It could also work for mom's if they have advice or find articles that they like. It can also work like that in Extension, like was already mentioned. Ok, I think I have written enough, but I think it is interesting. Peace out you wiki people.

Here's a link to the website to YouTube that is with the country stars and other 4-H News: