Idea Wallet and Bug List

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I've kind of already been keeping an idea wallet on Pinterest. I've consolidated the good stuff and added a few things to this pinboard:

Pinterest: Idea Wallet

As for the bug list, I did start a pinboard for my bug list as well, because some annoyances have to be shown, not written:

Pinterest - Bug List

But for the most part it's a list from my sketchbook:
01) Sidewalk rumble strips
02) Ballpoint pens that skip and smudge
03) The coating/paint on bobby pins that peels off in your hair
04) Bus stop request buttons right next to the seat
Bus Stop-Request Button
05) The browser button on my flip phone is placed so that I bump it when trying to flip open my phone
06) Glasses make the sides of your hair fuzzy - especially when you need to change glasses in the workshop
07) Locks where you have to hold the key to the side and turn the knob at the same time.
08) When the part of the flip flops that goes between your toes pulls out of the sole
09) Misaligned velcro on my knee pads always tears my derby tights
10) Bus layovers in the middle of the route
11) Soda/coffee gets inside the threads on bottle caps and spills the next time you open it.
12) If there's ice in your water bottle, it suddenly slides forward and makes the water splash out all over you.
13) If you get make-up on your hands or clothes, it doesn't wash off.
UPDATED 10/9/11
14) Bringing my groceries home, leaving them in the kitchen, going upstairs to grab a Sharpie, labeling all of my food before putting away (including wiping off anything cold/wet so I can write on it, which requires another trip upstairs where I keep my dish towels) - all because if I leave a single thing unlabeled or unattended, my roommates proceed to consume, soil, or abscond with it. I need a combination mini-fridge/safe (or better roommates).
15) I have an external hard drive that I use for storing work from previous semesters and large files. I have to plug it in separately in order to turn it on, and oftentimes that means unplugging my laptop or desk lamp.
16) Coffee drinks with the plastic wrapping you have to tear off to open it - so you're taking it "on the go" and suddenly have a handful of noisy, plastic garbage.
17) Doors that don't quite fit in their frame (usually in old houses/apartments) and clatter if you leave the window open.
18) Dishwasher racks that don't fit mugs or larger glasses.
19) Plastic condiment packets. Somehow they always manage to tear wide open and spill everywhere.
20) Delicious, unwieldy fruits. Pineapple, melons, pomegranates... all so tasty and so damn difficult to cut/peel/core/seed/etc.

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