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Day Two

I was eager to return to the school, but still a bit groggy from the early morning wake up when I entered A Chance To Grow for my second time. Our guide decided to split us up into three different classrooms. I was assigned the second grade class. The students were in an uproar as I entered the class. Kids were screaming at one another while trying to concentrate despite all the distractions. The child I was assigned to sat in his chair and screamed above all the other voices, “I can’t focus! There’s too much noise!.? I settled him down and tried to get him to concentrate on his math worksheet. We spent the hour telling stories, and counting series of dots. He got off track continuously, showering me with math questions. He was impressed by my fluid responses to 2+2 and 7+3. I informed him if he focused on his math tasks he would soon be able to add quickly in his head too. After one hour, the class left for a variety of other activities, but not before I got to sit in the circle and introduce myself. The kids had a slew of questions to ask me, and one young guy was still questioning me on my favorite foods and music as he walked down the hall in single file line with his classmates. I then ventured down to the third grade classroom where an energetic young lad greeted me and insisted that I help him color. He was quite impressed with my colored pencil skills and said that I colored “Beautifully.? Once coloring time was over the students were handed a packet featuring the chemical process of popping popcorn. I worked my way through the back two rows of the classroom helping the students match up words, spell, and search for definitions. By the time I glanced at the clock, it was past our time to leave and the other two volunteers and I grabbed our jackets and waved goodbye.