Assignment2 (Mind maps and silliness!)


To first get into a fun and goofy mood for this assignment, I read "I Could Pee On This", a book I own that is full of poetry written from a cat's perspective
I also watched one of my favorite comedies, "White Chicks"
Then I got to work on my mind map, which turned out something like this
I kept coming up with one idea after another. The ideas would seemingly go in thousands of different directions, but I started to match related words that I had written in another category. Ironically, the more ideas I came up with, the more relationships I found between categories! One sub-category in particular turned out to be especially interesting: Christmas. While it is one of the most common staples of winter, some of the words I eventually reached were pretty entertaining. Below is an elaboration of the Christmas sub-category.
To narrow all of my word down into 10 different silly ideas, I closed my eyes and pointed randomly to two different spots on my Christmas word map. This made things really fun and challenging, because I would have to come up with ways that the words could be related. The results are in!
P.S. From class on Tuesday, I chose these 3 winter sub-themes: Christmas Party Decorations, Christmas Sweaters, and Fireplaces.


Your mind map is expansive! I wonder how long it took to commit all those ideas down to paper. I'm not sure how ironic it is that you found more connections the more items you put down, the more you have to draw from the more it seems that you could bring dissimilar items together.

Your ten ideas are pretty silly. I especially like the expression of the snowman with his hot cider. I wish that you had done more focused thinking towards creating products for these sorts of situations, rather than just describing the situation as it arose in your idea. I think a little more in depth look at each of these problems as they arose would have revealed even more interesting ideas and solutions.

I enjoyed reading your blog post. Your mind maps were very interesting. It was cool how many connections you made. I would have liked to see some of the more obscure ideas you could have come up with relating to winter with a couple more layers of ideas. I do like how you did another sub-topic mind map for Christmas though, as it gave you some more space to expand. Your sub-themes are interesting and I think any of them could be fun to explore deeper.

Neat idea to randomly pick a couple points on your mind map and use them for the pictures. If you had developed something based on the two points rather than just combine them for what they were I think you could have come up with some very creative products. Specifically development of novel 'nativity' scenes could be a major commercial market if it doesn't exist yet. I see figures from popular TV shows in an environment suited to them.

I'm excited to see where your sub-themes take you with your interviews and beyond!

I really love everything about your blog on this assignment. I think you did a great job designing the overall feel and organization of the assignment.

Your mind mapping was very awesome and extensive and I could tell it really helped you when coming up with ideas because they are super creative.

One thing you could maybe improve on is just explaining the products just a little more in depth so the reader can get a better feel for your idea.

Your pictures a very clear but it also could maybe have a little bit more decriptive details in them.

Overall I think you really took advantage of the themes around this assignment and brought out some clever ideas that show through your sub themes that you picked. Great job!

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