Assignment5 (structured idea generation!)


My topic is FIREPLACES


-Change the color to brighten up space, or match living room
-Use it in a different place - poking leaves or trash
-Use other materials - clay, brass, fiberglass?
-Change its shape - add a part that curves down
-Change its shape - make it look like a rake
-Change its shape - change handle
Capture 4.jpg

-Combine poker tool with others in fireplace tool set
-Combine with a clamping mechanism
-Combine tool with wood storage
Capture 5.jpg

-Similar things are trash poker, weed grabber, pinch style pick-up tool, back scratcher, shoe horn, marshmallow roaster
-Copy the multiple point idea for the bottom, and the curved handle
-Incorporate ideas of fire starting, cleaning and storage
-Could be something useful for gas fireplaces also
-ideas outside field to incorporate could be cooking food. (marshmallows, hot dogs, etc.)
Capture 6.jpg

-Add multi-functionality with an additional sharp piece at end for cooking food
-Add ergonomic grips to handle
-Used more often if it works for gas fireplaces too
-Points at end could be more exaggerated and curved
-Add extra features: broom/brush, lighter, blower
Capture 7.jpg

Put to Other Use
-Could also be used to pick up trash
-Could be used as a device for blind people
-A child would probably not be able to lift the tool since its pretty heavy, but an older person might use it as a cane or walking stick.
-If it is modified, it could be a tool that is easier to use without a fully functioning body
-If I didn't know anything about the poker tool before using it, I would not be able to figure out the purpose because it is very simple and general looking. However, when it is with other tools by a fireplace it is easier to figure out the purpose.
Capture 8.jpg

-Take away the weight somehow, make it not so heavy
-Could simplify it with other, cheaper materials
-Could make it more sustainable
-Telescoping parts - eliminates length
Capture 9.jpg

-Better arrangement of sharper curved edge at one end
-Adding designs, fabrics, or anything decorative would make this tool stand out more and could give it value
-Exact opposite of original intentions would be a cupped piece to put fire out with instead of a device to start one
-Opposite material qualities so it is a light object rather than a heavy one
-Rearrange complete fireplace tool set so the traditional tools don't have to be used
Capture 10.jpg

PART 2: Table-based Tools
Capture 2.jpg

PART 3: From Silly to Serious
Capture 3.jpg

PART 4: The Final 10
Capture 11.jpg

Capture 12.jpg

Capture 13.jpg

Capture 14.jpg

Capture 15.jpg

Capture 16.jpg

Capture 17.jpg

Capture 18.jpg

Capture 19.jpg

Capture 20.jpg


Although it wasn't required, it would've been nice if you noted what your two 'how might we' questions are at the beginning of your entry. That would inform new readers what the rest of the entry is about, more than just that it's about fireplaces and pokers.
I think overall your pictures would be easier to see if you used a black ink. That's not a huge thing, but just something to think about for later entries.
You made a good point when you said, "I would not be able to figure out the purpose because it is very simple and general looking." I think you were right in saying that when it's with other fireplace tools you get the idea of what it is. Maybe you could even take that idea further? What other aspects would make a consumer understand better what it is - and therefore maybe buy it more? Maybe something with the aesthetics?
You mentioned adding design in the R section of SCAMPER. I think that would be valuable in today's society - at least what I've seen in many design blogs that I read. Making something look 'prettier' is maybe just as important as other aspects of product design.
Good job overall, I think you explored the 'poker' with a lot of thought and came up with a lot of good ideas!

Even though you noted that a fire poker is very simple and general looking you definitely pushed to develop some new ideas or ways to improve it. I liked that you also though of gas fireplaces since the traditional fireplaces aren't really found in newer houses. That would definitely make your product beneficial for both users of the different fireplaces -- This would definitely be something to keep in mind as your develop your product.

It's interesting that you thought about the material of the fire poker and the possibility of changing it for another fire proof item. Could it possibly be a moldable- fire proof material? That could definitely change up the overall 'simple and general looking' design of the poker.

I disagree with the comment about using black ink, I felt that the photos were clear-- but if you did want to make them slightly darker, you could easily pull them up on photoshop and adjust that brightness/contrast or the hue/saturation.

First off, right away I like the clarity of your images. It really helps the readability to quickly be able to differentiate things within your drawing.

However, I think it might have been helpful to have some sort of intro to your blog post. Maybe a little bit about what you have come up with for your "how might we..." or problem statements, that would have provided some nice background for someone viewing your process for the first time.

Also, your morphological analysis is laid out very well and clearly labelled, but I would have liked to see the 2-3 new ideas that came out of this process. Maybe just as simple as showing the connections you thought of from the different categories.

The ideas that I found most intriguing for new products were the fire poker that also doubles as a marshmallow/ hot dog roaster, and the fire poker that has a pinching device on the end as well. Both of these ideas seem like they have merit for future development! Especially the poker with a pinching device, as I feel like this would make log flipping much easier and more convenient for the user!

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