Assignment7 (idea selection and pitch!)

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For new readers, here is a brief summary of my previous blogs..


Problem/How might we statements:

  1. Non-wood fireplace users need a way to create a fire within their home that is as realistic as possible, because they would like to take advantage of modern technology while still maintaining the authenticity of real fireplaces. How might we make gas fireplaces (and other non wood burning fireplaces) more authentic?

  2. Wood burning fireplace users need a way to make the fire starting and cleaning routines more efficient because wood burning fireplaces require more maintenance than other types of fireplaces. How might we make the process of using real wood fireplaces more efficient?

Top 5 Ideas:

  • Adjustable scent emitter for artificial fireplaces (pine, cinnamon, wood fire smell, etc.)

  • Multi-function tool for wood burning fireplaces (lighting fire, brush or vacuum for cleaning up ash, etc.)

  • Adjustable noise soundtrack for artificial fireplaces (crackling and sizzling sound of burning wood)

  • Integration of tool and wood storage in the design of a wood burning fireplace

  • Tool specific for marshmallow or hot dog roasting in fireplace

Now that you're all caught up, its time to show you my idea selection process!


  1. Does the idea have marketability strength?

  2. Am I personally interested in this idea?

  3. How unique is this idea?

  4. Is it feasible to turn it into a product?

  5. How big is the impact of this idea?

  6. Is there a clear need?

Pugh chart.jpg
As you can see from the chart, some of the ideas were tied. The scent emitter, multi-function tool, and the tool for roasting marshmallows all had the same number of S's and +'s. Therefore, I had to resort to looking at which criteria each thing scored higher on. Since personal interest and uniqueness mean more to me than some of the other criteria, I chose to go with the scent emitter for my final selection. This idea also happened to be the highest scoring one out of the ten from the survey. Because I wanted to spice it up for an even better and more unique object, I decided to include the noise soundtrack idea in my final design. The purpose of this would be to create an all-in-one machine for people with artificial fireplaces, so they too can experience the ambiance of a real wood-burning fireplace.

Some names I was choosing between:

  • FireTime Simulation

  • MyFire

  • FireHour

  • (h)ourFire

  • Coz-E

  • HearthBox

Unfortunately, I did a Google search and found that FireTime and Coz-E already exist as product names. My final choice ended up being...
the hearthbox.jpg
The HearthBox would fit into the slats of a gas or electric fireplace vent. The scent emitting part would be on one side, and would work similarly to an AirWick. Fragrance oil could be poured into the compartment and a wick sticking out would emit scent as the fireplace turns on and heats it up. There would be a dial for adjusting the strength of the scent. On the other half is the sound box, with a speaker in the front and a dial for adjusting the noise level. It would be a recording of the crackling and sizzling sounds of a real fire. The entire box would need to be composed or covered in a heat-resistant material, like silicone. It would also be easily removable, in order to replace or refill fragrance when needed. Refill bottles could be sold seperately at the store. Available scents would include:

  • Burning wood (smokey fire smell)

  • Pine Tree

  • Maple Tree

  • Oak Tree

  • Cedar

  • Cinnamon

  • Apple

  • Pumpkin

  • Caramel

  • Gingerbread

  • Sugar Cookie

For the pitch on Tuesday, I am thinking about making a protoype out of polystyrene (foam) and if I have time, making a supplemental poster.
I don't have a video uploaded because I am not quite sure how to do it. Any advice?

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Hi Hannah,

Thank you for the brief recap at the beginning of your post. It make it easier and more interesting to read your blog post.

I love your product idea, if I had an electric or gas fireplace, I would definitely want something like that. The smells of real wood-burning fireplace would probably work better for me, I would use aromatic candles for the “sweet” smells like apple, pumpkin, caramel, etc.

Though you didn’t upload the video with your pitch, I liked your presentation of the product idea in class today. You looked energetic, interested in your idea and not nervous. Good job!

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