Sugar Cookie Truffle Experiment!

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I started out thinking about fun shapes I could make out of cookies
The creativity part was originally going to be in the shape of the cookie, as opposed to the ingredients. But then I thought, why can't I do both?

I began brainstorming what kind of ingredients would potentially taste good together


I was thinking of unique ways to mix the ingredients together, and how to pair them. I thought of the way truffles are made, with the flavor combinations inside. They served as inspiration for my truffle cookie experiment!

I created a full pan of sugar cookie cups, and experimented with many different filling combinations.


After trying out 12 different combinations, I along with my 5 roommates tested them out to discover our favorites!

THE WINNER(S) Sugar cookie filled with Nutella and popcorn, sugar cookie filled with Nutella, pumkin spice hersheys kisses, and pecans

Final recipes, each will make 12 cookies

24-hole mini muffin tin
1 mini bag of popped popcorn
1 jar of nutella
basic sugar cookie dough (rolled into 24 1-inch balls)

24-hole mini muffin tin
12 Hershey's pumpkin kisses
1 jar of nutella
chopped pecans
basic sugar cookie dough (rolled into 24 1-inch balls)

For both recipes, create the sugar cookie dough first. Then, put the 1-inch balls into each hole in the muffin tin. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven. While still hot, use a rounded utensil to press down into each cookie, making bowl shapes. Fill 12 of the cookie bowls with either of the sets of ingredients above, then cap them with the remaining 12 cookie bowls. Let cool, then enjoy!


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