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Hey everybody! =] I am Hannah, a second year student here at the U! I am from Ham Lake, a small town near Blaine which is a half hour north of the twin cities. I am an architecture major but I wanted to take this class because it not only fulfills a lib ed, but I have also always been super duper passionate about women's rights and feminism. I have a fairly well-rounded background on the subject already since my mom would talk about her own beliefs and values ever since I can remember, and therefore I acquired many of the same opinions. Since we share such a strong passion for girl power, we volunteer together at the Alexandra House in Blaine every summer. It is a shelter for victims of domestic or sexual violence and I work in the childcare unit while the mothers take special classes or group therapy sessions. Even though I learned quite a bit about certain themes in feminism through my mom and the Alexandra House training, I am thrilled to learn even more while taking this class! Also, I miss my dog Mickey and cat Jack Jack more than anything else from home!


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