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If thinking about thinking is called metacognition, is blogging about blogging metablognition?

I enjoyed reading about the "history" of blogging. I had no idea where the name, or the concept orignated. My kids are so impressed that I am blogging, or that someone as OLD as I am even knows the word "blogging."

I wanted to raise an issue that I heard on MPR recently. They were talking about the permanent nature of blogs. They said that it was becoming a resource for employers and even university admissions officers. They can locate blogs that prospective employees or students have posted, some years old, and they use these to make some of the tough calls about hiring or admission. I thought that was very interesting and something that we might want to make our students aware of. Did they ever consider the idea that someone might look at their entries at some distant point in their future and make crucial decisions about them? It might make them more careful. Hmmmmm.