Disappearing Elevator Floor

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I thought this video promoting the LG IPS monitors was clever and also an example how to capture pure human emotion and reaction through the use of hidden cameras. This video captures the elevator passengers' immediate response to these monitors and how real they look.

Capturing emotion secretly is a useful way to measure how "real" these monitors actually are. If this video is real, the users are unaware that they are being filmed and observed. This is a beneficial way to measure a sample's reaction to the "realness" of these monitors because the sample will not act differently due to the fact they are being monitored. Yet, if this video is real, and the passengers are unaware that they are being observed, it becomes a question whether this experiment is ethical? I wonder if health issues could have arisen from startling the passengers especially.

Overall, I think this video is awesome and a funny way to show how real this monitors look. It has "viral" video qualities which is very beneficial in the times of Youtube obsession and peer to peer advertising.

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