Social Media Marketing

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This video is a parody of a drug commercial displaying how marketers may struggle to get their business noticed but social media has become a great source to gain exposure. Not only is social media a great platform due to consumer engagement, but also because of social media analytics.

Companies like Carmichael Lynch able able to analyze the effects of social media marketing in several ways. First through the basics such as the number of followers, "likes", or by tracking the number of people talking about a product or brand over social media.

Next analytics can go beyond these basics by measuring positive and negative views about a brand, and how passionate these views are through sentiment indicators. Finally, analytics can determine how influential a marketing campaign may be by measuring the total reach, virality, and number of retweets.

Therefore this parody seems a little silly and outdated because the current trends in social media and the availability of web analytics make social media marketing a no brainer.

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