Why Elders are Scammed

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This was an interesting study about why elders are scammed so much both in person and over the telephone and with junk mail. The study used both interviews rating the trustworthiness of facial expressions and also a survey from the AARP.

A major flaw I found in the study was that they used 119 adults over 55 and only 24 adults in their twenties. I think the major unbalance between these groups make the results slightly inconclusive. Also I was interested how they found their sample. I think in order to achieve the best results it is important to take geography and demographics in account. First, those living in dangerous areas may have a different trust level than those in safe areas. Also, those living with disabilities and illnesses must also be taken account, both for the elderly and even the younger generation.

The article may have failed to include all the information of the study, but it seems as if the study suggests the causality of elders being scammed is due to fewer brain activity, which may have a strong role, but I believe other social and environmental aspects are necessary to consider.

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