Xperia Viral Focus Group Video

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This video represents both an example of a focus group, and a funny viral video campaign promoting Sony Ericsson's new Xperia 10 smartphone. This video captures what typically goes on in a focus group, comparing several similar products gaining insight of how a consumer may react to a certain product, and also gaining insight regarding what a consumer likes or would change about a product.

The video displays how the results of focus group research may not be completely accurate, because of the environment or in this case by choosing a poor focus group. This video uses the "uneducated" focus group to create humor and promote the Xperia's user friendly qualities. Using humor, this video demonstrates how it is useful to use a system such as systematic random sampling in order to have a sample that most likely contains a variety of people, unlike these samples that contained people of similar characteristics (ditzy girls, rockers, and children).

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