The Second Fall of Rome

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The signs of the second fall of Rome are all around
The public mockery of the things most sacred
The rich beginning to value themselves more than their gens
Can you hear the muffled cry of austerity being slowly crushed by luxuria?
We forget what got us here

Where are you, oh Cato, we need you now
Where are you, oh Cinncinatus, we need you now
Where is the virtus we used to display?

Our identity fades with the seduction of Greek culture
We begin to worship their thinking as if it is original
We question what is most holy, just like the ancients
And we think we are so advanced in critical thought
We forget what got us here.

The Gracchii have invaded our house
Tiberius has appealed to our senses to make us senseless
His shape shifting politics have gained him shear power
When did this stop being a public service?
We forget what got us here.

We have forced our laborers to exile themselves to Rome
They have left their austerity, their labor of love
They leave as the machines begin to craft perfect food
Now they fill our streets with empty hearts
We forget what got us here

They used to be content with their purpose
Now they journey out of their most sacred realm
They seek independence for their own selfish purposes
How do we go on without their tender love?
We forget what got us here

The lines are being drawn, we see them beginning to form
This time the march across the Rubicon will not be ignition
It will not be solved by a simple war
Cato, be strong

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