Lawyer seeks another look at Toyota from fatal '06 crash

The Star Tribune reported early today that Koua Fong Lee, who was sentenced eight years in person in connection with a car crash that left three people dead, expects the Toyota recall will get him out of prison. Lee who slammed his 1996 Camry into another said he could not stop the car because of break problems. But witnesses said Lee was over speeding before he slammed into the other car.

The story has a relevancy because most of Minnesotans drive cars and they are interested in knowing the causes of accidents that occurred. Conflict is also a big part of the story. The conflict is in between Lee and Toyota Company. Emotions also involves in the story. 1) there are people died over the accident. 2) Lee claims that he is in prison for a wrong reason saying that it's not his fault to slam into the other. He blames the Toyota Company.

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