Upstart Americans upend Team Canada

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Story By MICHAEL RUSSO, Star Tribune
Last update: February 21, 2010 - 10:29 PM

VANCOUVER - This must be what hockey heaven is like.

In what was being billed as the biggest day in international hockey history, Super Sunday included a three-meal course of the last three Olympic finalists.

The appetizer was a Russia win over the Czech Republic, the dessert a late game between Sweden and Finland.

I think this is a great lead. The author uses a sense of humor, at the same time, gives you information. For instance, Russo describes the day by telling us that it was the biggest day in the international hockey history. Then he tells us what teams played and when, all in a funny manner. This is a great lead and works out just well.

1 Comment

I agree that this is a great lead. I feel that the writer summarized the main idea in a creative and entertaining way.

The appetizer metaphor was really cool because it’s almost expected that Russia would win this game. This Russian victory sets up the metaphor of a small appetizer for the large meal. Also, I like how the author emphasized the desert (or extra treat) to all hockey fans, of Sweden’s win over Finland.

The only question I have is what was the main course?

But what a great way to set up a story!

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