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Rudy Vecoli

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Rudolph Vecoli who recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. The award is presented on rare occasions to scholars who have made
distinguished contributions to the field of immigration and ethnic history. Rudy is only the third recipient of this award.

Rudolph J. Vecoli has been one of the most important scholars in the field of immigration and ethnic history. Rudy has been a leader over many years in every facet of the sub-discipline of immigration and ethnic history. His scholarship is well known and widely read. Through books, articles, reviews, and presentations, he has helped to shape the field, and this work will remain a part of every immigration historians’ bibliography.
Furthermore, Rudy has served as long-time director of the Immigration History Research Center, one of the finest repositories for the immigrant experience, and its development and significance is largely due to Rudy’s commitment to this project. His care in securing and preserving numerous immigrant and ethnic related documents will bring him thanks from historians far into the future. It is a service and achievement that few, if any, others have matched.