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Thus marks the complete of our second week of classes. I am really enjoying classes for the most part. My Film Movements class is by far my favorite though. I love the movies we have been watching what we are learning and possibly the best part of all my teacher was in a band that was huge in Canada! One of his songs even made an appearance on Kim Possible! Here is a link to a video of his band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dtao2H5XXw (his wife is the bassist with pig tails). Funny part is how laid back this guy is. We had a kid walk in late and while Stefan was lecturing the kid slapped his hand on the way past then continued to sit down and slam a frozen water bottle down on the counter completely disrupting class. Stefan did nothing. It blew my mind. Not all of my classes are quite as perfect however. My Re-presenting the past: history in film class went a bit over my head this week. Here kids don't take classes outside of their major, ever. So when they say this is a history class and it is a second year class it is equivalent to a junior history class in the states. Well during this lecture the Professor was lecturing on British imperialism and to put it lightly it went way over my head. The professor had this deep voice and he spoke very quickly about the time after the American Revolutionary War and when our movie was. To most the British kids it just seemed like a review or no big deal, but to someone who knows almost nothing about British history in the imperialism time it was overwhelming. He had a slide show to help understanding, but his slides had pictures or maps and never spoke about what he was actually talking about. That was one of the hardest days of class I have ever had in my life.

Well on the social side I had a fun week. This past Monday was Cody's birthday. Cassandra and I went into town to get stuff to make a cake for Cody. We quickly discovered that cake mix and frosting is quite hard to find around here. That is a drastic difference to the entire isle we have for cake and frosting back home. When we finally found frosting there was only one kind of frosting in the four grocery stores that we searched. Despite the extreme lack of choice it turned out quite well. We had devil's food cake with vanilla creme frosting, quite delicious if I do say so myself and with a little help from Cassandra (ok a lot of help from Cassandra) it turned out quite beautiful.
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Cody quite enjoyed his cake....
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I also became a loyalty member at our local pub The Crown and Anchor! Laura, Luke (my flatmate), and I were the first members of the Crown. The people that own the Crown are extremely nice people. Whenever we go down there they always chat and ask how our day was, they at least act like they care =).

That is all for now I suppose....



Tonight was the Worcester Wolves basketball game. The Wolves are a professional team here playing in the BBL (the British Basketball League). Anyone who is in the UMD Study in England Programme got free tickets! It turned out to be an intense game! The Guildford Heat, which logo is exactly the same as the Miami Heat, went up in the first quarter but the teams battled back and forth through the entire game. It ended up going into over time, where the Wolves pulled through and won by six.

I noticed that the British do not love their basketball quite as much as the Americans. The play was not up to par with the NBA, or even the NCAA for that matter. They played music in the middle of play. Really the BBA is probably the equivalent of the MLS in the states, trying but just not quite there yet. Given some time I think the British will be able to play to par but it just isn't quite to our level yet... ;]

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