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For our Programme we went to Edinburgh. I don't think that I have ever seen a more beautiful city. It is a large city but there wasn't a single sky scraper. Nearly all of the buildings were built long ago. I could have spent the entire weekend just looking at the architecture of the town.
We stayed in a youth hostel just on the out skirts of down town. We had just a short walk to the royal mile. The hostel was the nicest hostel that I have ever seen. There were 8 beds in one room per usual but to get into the room we need a key card just like a normal hotel. Every room was en-suite as well. Thanks to our large group numbers we only had people that we knew in our room. We were provided breakfast through the hostel but for some reason even though we opted for the full breakfast we weren't allowed the fruit or yogurt. It was quite odd.
Saturday was a great day. Right away in the morning we marched ourselves down to the Scottish National Gallery. It was extremely extensive. There was some amazing art, some so so art, and with every art museum there was some art that I really just didn't understand. We got a tour of Scottish parliament. The building was quite different from the normal Edinburgh building. It was very modern and the architect designed in the shape of a tree. Many of the meeting rooms were leaves. It was very well done with Scottish flag representations everywhere. After the tour of parliament Cody and I went to explore the Edinburgh Castle. IT WAS AWESOME. The castle is built at the end of (probably more like the start of) the Royal Mile atop an extremely large hill. It was large and much of it was intact. We were able to walk through the dungeons which were apparently still used into WWII. The great hall had a presentation of how the royalty dealt with criminals in the 1500's . They also had it dressed to how they expected the hall to look during the time period. At about 4 we sat down and had some cake in the castle! it was such a great experience.
When it came time to leave I was quite sad. I had rather fallen love with the old beauty that was Edinburgh. Hopefully sometime I will be able to go back.




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