Assignment 2


For this second assignment there were three objectives.
1. Get in a playful mood.
2. Create a mind map with the theme: Winter.
3. Come up with 10 silly ideas related to winter.

Objective 1
I played Taboo and a couple other similar games last weekend at a party for the first time, which I find to be a funny coincidence. To get in the right mindset when working on the assignment, thinking of all the improv from last week, what better to do than watch a few episodes of "Whose line is it anyway?". I watched the most recent season and was slightly caught off guard when I saw Drew Carey wasn't the host anymore. I enjoyed the episodes nevertheless, those guys never seize to amuse me :)

Objective 2
I created the following mind map. My initial sub-categories may have been a bit too broad, so I narrowed it down a bit more. I would be interested in diving further into snowboarding, snowball fights, and ski-clothing for future work.

Mind Map2.jpg

Objective 3
Even though I already had a few ideas before really diving into this part, "Whose line is it anyway?" and a good steak with a bit of red wine really got me in the right mood to tackle this. Coming up with silly ideas also proved to be much more fun than I dared to anticipate. I was laughing pretty hard imagining some of those ideas of mine. I only hope that some of my drawings will convey the witty images I had in my head at the time and will make you giggle as well! (or perhaps it was all in the heat of the moment and my ideas aren't funny at all)

Idea 1: Always sunny ski-goggles
The always sunny ski-goggles make sure that even if you get bad weather on your ski-trip, you'll still see the sun!
Always Sunny Ski-goggles.jpg

Idea 2: Disco jacket
Fashionable skiing gear with flashing disco lights in multiple colors. Be the best dressed person on your skiing trip!
Flashing Light Ski Jacket.jpg

Idea 3: Bike-brella
The bike-brella shields you from the worst of weathers for the brave souls who venture biking during winter.

Idea 4: Helmet slipovers
Slide a figure of your choosing (a polar bear for example) onto your helmet to look awesome! A variety of choosing from the animal kingdom and mythical monsters such as the Abominable Snowman.
Helmet slip-overs.jpg

Idea 5: The musical snow sled
As fun it is to ride down hills on snow sleds, imagine how much more fun it would be if it played epic songs while gushing down the slope (Don't stop, believing!)
Musical Snow Sled.jpg

Idea 6: Snowball roulette
Want to spice up your traditional snow balling? Then the snowball roulette is just the thing for you! Load one or more of the chambers with snow, the wheel, and pull the trigger. Playing this game with other people is advised.
Snowball Roulette.jpg

Idea 7: The snowflake sucker
Do you have fun capturing snowflakes with your tongue? Why not push it to the extreme and have a suction device get those flakes for you!
Snowflake Sucker.jpg

Idea 8: Snow distributing airplanes
Are you tired of living in a country where expectations are to have snow during Christmas, but remarkably often that's the exact time when there is no snow at all? (I know I am, Iceland is a deceptive name). Snow distributing airplanes will fix that issue in a jiffy!
Snow Distributing Airplane.jpg

Idea 9: Snow guns blowing colored snow
Even though skiing trips are a blast, to make them ever so slightly more entertaining, snow guns with colored snow will paint the slopes in all the colors of the rainbow (or at least some). Enjoy riding down the hills in a more colorful environment!
Colored Snowflake Snow Gun.jpg

Idea 10: Singing gingerbread cookies
The last idea I'm posting on the blog (but not the least for sure) are the singing gingerbread cookies. Each cookie plays a Christmas song until you eat it. Everybody wins, enjoy the Christmas song until you get tired of it, at which time you're forced to eat a delicious cookie :)
Singing Gingerbread Cookies.jpg


I always encourage the use of food and booze to get in a silly and good mood. Kudos to you for your use of such props.
I must assuage your fears that your humor was reserved for yourself, reading your ideas I had a good chuckle at some of them. My favourite was snowball roulette, I shudder to think how close the participants would be to the end of the gun. oooph.
I think you might really have something with the bike umbrella, 'bike brella'. I'm not sure entirely what mods would need to be, but I think that you shouldn't drop it quite yet.

Very well organized mind map, I like the mixed use of sketches and written connections. It could have been nice to see some other forms of idea generation though (cross products, etc) though. The ideas themselves are clever and well presented. The contrast on the images is a bit low, but the use of a bold pen really helps them pop out regardless. As a bike commuter, I could REALLY use one of those bike umbrellas, so let me know if you happen to turn that into a product.

You can never go wrong with whose line. Great show. I like how developed your mind map was. You were able to explore the space well. It would have been nice if you had elaborated a bit more on some of your thoughts and more obscure connections. I'm always curious about the thoughts that lead to those types of things. You have interesting sub-themes and I look forward to seeing which one you develop further.

I laughed at the disco jacket. I would definitely wear something like that, if only for the attention it would bring (and fashion points for sure). When looking at the helmet slip-overs all I could think about was how a fox would be a top seller about now with the success of what the fox say video. Kind of a novel idea, with great commercial value.

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