Assignment 7


Down to the last assignment now, selecting one of the following ideas, and more importantly, pitch that idea.

  • Socket Snap Bindings: The bindings become a part of the snowboard, quick attach - detach features

  • Rotatable Bindings: Easier maneuver over flat areas

  • Hat-helmet: Head protection built into a hat

  • Two-piece Snowboard: Allows easier maneuverability over flat areas

  • Magnetic Fluid Jacket: Changes viscosity (and thus degree of protection) based on acceleration

To make the selection I created the following Pugh chart.
Pugh chart.png

My findings from the feasibility research in the last assignment proved very useful during the ranking, though I must admit that it decreased my interest slightly for some of the products (the Magnetic Fluid Jacket for instance when I found out the price of MR fluid).

From the Pugh chart, two products seem most viable, the Socket-snap Bindings and the Hat-helmet. When reviewing these two, I considered the impact and need for the two products. Upon further consideration, the Socket-snap Bindings may not have as much competitive advantage as I first estimated because despite its different functionality from current quick attach and release bindings, it didn't add much beyond that purpose (potentially more convenient storage, but not significantly). It could of course be combined with the rotatable bindings, but that also applies to normal bindings. At this point my eyes were slowly fixating on the Hat-helmet idea, which I ultimately picked. From the feasibility research I found no directly comparable products, and the market reaches beyond snow sports to another very large market, bicyclists.

Product name
My approach to finding a name for the product was to look up synonyms and describing words for some of the Hat-helmet attributes.
Guiding words.jpg

Ultimately the name I chose was "Flex-helm" and I feel quite good about the decision. It adequately describes the product and the word flex can be interpreted both as flexible or as in muscle flexing (implying that the flex-helm is strong and will keep you safe). I also tried using the product name in sentences to see if it would sound strange and I didn't find anything wrong with it.

Final Product.jpg

Finally, here's my pitch for the product!
Flex-helm pitch.wmv


Great post. I think you made a good decision choosing this as your final product. It really seems as though it could have potential in the market. I also think the name you chose is appropriate -- before knowing what the product is, my assumptions are it is a helmet that is flexible, which is accurate. Your video, while a little on the long side, provided the viewer with enough background knowledge on why this product would be feasible to make and sell, as well as get an understanding for the market size. I don't have any real constructive criticisms, except that your sketch could have been better contrasted to make it a bit clearer to view. Overall, good job and I look forward to hearing your pitch in person in today's last class.

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