Formation of Lebanese Government

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There was a time when Syria would say jump and every Lebanese politician would reply how high. They used to write the list in Anjar (headquarter of the Syrian Intelligence in Lebanon) and the next day a new government is born. In sickness or in health, a birth of a new cabinet would be announced. Look at yourselves now my dear Lebanese politicians, almost a year has passed since Salam was named interim prime minister to form a new government and no light is in the horizon as of yet. This is a testimony that you are too immature to govern yourselves. It is a living proof that you need a foreign power to coerce you and force you to accept each other. It is an indication that you are a dysfunctional group of power hungry that would walk on the corpses of your citizens in order to satisfy your ego. No matter how you twist it or turn it, the problem lies in the fact that you cannot coexist with one another under the same Lebanese umbrella unless &&&&& You don't like each other not because of the color of your skin or the height of your fez

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