My first blog entry... EVER!! (Csci 3081w)

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So, not only is this is my first blog entry for this class, but it is my first blog ever. I'm not too sure what kind of formatting these take on, but I'll try my best to not make a mess of my thoughts.

This blog entry is just a quick overview of the experience of the first part of our main project for the class. We are to write a program that translates an unknown programming language into C. We are approaching this in small parts known as iterations. So far, we had our deadline for iteration 1.

Working on iteration 1 was honestly a good experience for me, even though my partner and I didn't quite finish it. Having a good lab partner had a lot to do with the good experience. When I say a "good lab partner", I don't mean someone that is capable of doing everything on his/her own. I mean someone that knows how to work at their partner's pace and can mesh well with each other's capabilities. I was lucky to find a good partner, and he is very good at explaining things I don't understand. I'm not as experienced with programming as many others, and in previous computer science classes, my lab partner worked way too fast for me to keep up. So I am happy with the partner I have now.

While working on iteration 1, the both of us struggled a lot trying to figure out how to implement our scan method. We had a hard time figuring out what the compiler errors meant, and we weren't sure how to go about them. We did ask a question on the class forum, but the answer was (unfortunately) not very helpful. Perhaps we didn't word our question quite clearly... It took us about half a day to finally get our code to compile with no errors, but by then we had little time to complete the full requirements for iteration 1. We didn't finish it, mostly because the both of us (somewhat) put it off til the last few days before it was due. My lab partner has a full time job, and I had 3 programming projects due in the same week. However, not being able to finish the project was partially our fault for putting it off a bit.

Other than the project though, I really enjoy 3081. I only wish that the advisers would recommend this class to take before many of the other csci courses (maybe after 2021?), anyone else agree? My adviser insisted that this class should be the last class a computer science student should take, and I really disagree. I think this class would have helped me out a whole lot in other programming courses, because the class is all about how to approach a programming problem and that was something I struggled with in previous courses.

So there are my thoughts on this course and iteration 1. I suppose the main moral of the story here is to start early on your assignments and be persistent.

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