The Idea

Being a graphic designer I am surrounded by digital images. These images may vary from photographs to illustrations, to just the simple use of type. I love all of these types of images and how they are produced. The process of these images is complex but unique that is what draws me in to them. The layers and depth you can create on a simple surface using digital media is outstanding. My question now is how I can take these images to the next level. That is my goal, I want to take these digital images and bring it to the next the level.
Through my years at UMD I have found that ceramics allows me to transfer my graphic design skills into a different environment. By doing this I have learned and reinvented myself as an artist and a designer. I am drawn to the curves, angles and use of type. I try to use type as much as possible in my work on the simple fact that you can read it, therefore it must communicate but now I want to expand the use of type. I want to merge image with type, and layer it on to ceramics just like how you can layer in Photoshop or illustrator. So how do I do that?
The next step I feel is to make a ceramic book. All books tell stories with type and image. Graphic novels are becoming a cult trend and are being made into movies. Now I do not want to make a graphic novel but the way illustration and type is merged to tell a story or express an idea is without a doubt useful to my idea.
I have two sets of books I am interested in making. The first serious will be based off of blueprints and how they show scale and explain. By using a blueprint theme I will then focus on figures and body parts and how they layout on my ceramic canvas/pages. Now the next serious will be more type based. These will be poetry books that use type to carry the poem through each page. I am considering these to be made like an accordion book or possibly a tile puzzle where you slide the tiles.
Growth is one word that will be in the back of my mind during this project. I am interesting in the process of doing things. So for each piece I want to gain an understanding of how to mold clay into something that speaks my ideas as a designer and artist.

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