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Final Run for now

So I ponder. This semester will be my last in college. And this class will be my last studio class here at UMD. I can honestly say I learned a lot about my process in the ceramic and the image transfer world. Being that I tried roughly 5 different papers, which none of them worked until the 5th one? I find it interesting how when we stumble across an answer to something it comes at the last minute, the last run. I am crunched for time to go further into my study of ceramics and the digital world for this semester. Although I am not done, I have too much clay and too much time this summer to let my study go. My semester is coming to an end as all of yours is, so I employ all of you to dig deep in your free time and scratch into the digital world you have entered this semester. Go further into the depths of your imagination and pull something out.

CS5 new flash with indesign

You can now use flash with indesign allowing you to create a website...ridiculous


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