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First and foremost, this is a tough process if you do not get the right paper. Make sure you have the ceramic lazertran for lazerjet. For some reason the ink jet doesnt work well when firing. It basically sucks.

1. Print your image and fill up a bowl of water. Also have your ceramic piece ready to go. AND THAT IT HAS BEEN CLEANED. You don't want it to peal off in the kiln. NO NO NO.

2. You want to cut the image off as close as possible to the image. This well help seal it on easier since there will be less lazertran to cover on to the surface.

3. You will now use the bucket of water. You are going to put the paper into the bucket for roughly. 60 seconds. or until the paper seperates from the lazertran.

4. Take image out of water and place on ceramics. Push down on one edge and then pull the under paper out, leaving the clear lazertran on.

5. Once paper is gone, begin to smooth out the lazertran, getting rid of as many bubbles as possible. Once this is done, place in kiln at either cone 03 or 04. Can be fired as low as 06 but in my experience 03 and 04 gives the best result.

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