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blog prompt 5

Explore through image and text how the built environment affects (supports or
detracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena and

The built environment affects who I am in a couple of ways. It first supports who i am by the built environment I've grown up in. I've always lived in middle surburban areas, such as shown in the picture below. Being that i have always grown up in the suburbs I didn't have much experience being in the a big city. This detracts from who i am. When coming to school this past fall it was almost a culture shock in a way because i wasn't used to the "big city". I had never used public transportation before coming here for school. If i ever wanted to go places back home I would just hop in my car and drive there. I was very naive about inner city life. I didn't realize that so many people were homeless until one day when i was walking about downtown. Through the experiences i have come in contact so far with the built environment it has made me the person I am today and i hope to further grow as a person.