Construction worker survives nail-gun accident

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A North Dakota construction worker unintentionally shot himself in the head with a nail-gun last week, the Star Tribune reports.

Jeff Luptak, 45, was working on a house when he accidentally triggered the nail-gun, sending a nail three inches into his skull.

The nail struck him at an angle that did not cause him any pain or blood loss. The doctors told him that if they left the nail in, it would rust and he would die. If they pulled it out, he would bleed to death.

Luptak was flown to the National Brain Aneurism Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul. Dr. Eric Nussbaum and a team of surgeons removed the nail during surgery and also repaired the damaged vein in two spots.

"He's one lucky fellow and somebody's looking out for him," said Dr. Nussbaum.

Dr. Tariq Janjua said the nail grazed major artery vessels. Luptak would not have been as lucky if the nail had entered at any other angle

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