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The initial article that the Star Tribune posted about the train-hopping tragedy is significantly different from the follow-up story they posted the following day.

The first story is short and contains only five paragraphs. The story includes the surface level details of the story; what happened (a 15-year-old boy was found dead near railroad tracks), where it happened (northeast Minneapolis), the time the police was called, the cause of death, and a statement from a representative of the railroad company. The lead

The follow-up story was posted the next day. It contains details regarding the victim's family, details about the victim himself, and details about what happened the night of the accident from the point of view of the boy's mother. The majority of this article revolved around what the mother had to say regarding the incident and her son in general.

The leads were different in the sense that the first one was more formal, stating the who, what, when, and where of the story. The lead of the second story was not a normal lead. It was more of an attention grabber for a profile story about the victim and his mother.

The second story advances the news by adding depth to the story by including details about the boy's family and the specifics of what happened leading up to the boy's death. More statements are included which give insight on the situation and allow the readers to understand what happened in greater detail.

The follow contains more emotion than the initial article, as the boy's mother expresses her grief about her son's death. The first article has no testimonies and is straight forward in conveying the details.

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